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We’re a new generation of bakers. One visit to our very unique boutique dessert shop and you will be absolutely hocked. We specialise in old primary school cakes from caramel tarts formally known as gypsy tart to sprinkle cake, coconut Jam, chocolate chip shortbread,Rocky roads, brownies, oh gosh the list goes on!.

We also make made-to-order cakes and confectionery for any occasion. We create innovative pieces of edible art that reflect personalities, tell stories, and capture imaginations. But guess what, it gets better! We teach courses and and we sell cake supplies. So, if you’re feeling like becoming Britain’s next top baker. We have everything to get you started."

We’re urban!. Young, fun, and so are our creations!
All our cakes are freshly made to order using quality ingredients, and are perfect for weddings, birthdays and of course corporate events.

Whatever the occasion, make it one to remember with Yaya Cakes. .

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What's in Yaya's Kitchen...


Yayas cakes have the finest selection of variety cupcake. We also specialise in novelty cupcakes for any occasion.

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Fresh cream cakes

We take great pride in our very unique selection of fresh cream cakes. Weather your looking for something classic or innovative, we have the perfect cake for you.

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Our Novelty cakes

Yayas cakes are famous for our very exclusive urban creativity, we're not afraid to try new designs and create something unique and original with every bake.

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Your wedding cake should be a reflection of your style and taste, let us help bring your vision to life.

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Corporate cakes is the perfect way to give your clients something to remember you by. We'll be sure to help you leave a great taste in everyones mouth when it comes to your business.

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Our story.

Yaya cakes is an urban boutique dessert shop located in south London. Started by two best friends from secondary school with a passion of demonstrating women empowerment through baking & business. 

That’s the short version!. Do you want to hear more?! 


Yasmin (founder) started Yaya cakes as a self taught home baker back in 2013. Yasmin’s Mother inspired her to get into baking from a very young age. She would always bake the most delicious cakes and it wasn’t long until Yasmin picked up all her mothers amazing skills. 

Yasmin had absolutely conquered the fresh moist and fluffy sponge from her mother’s recipes. She then went on to explore further with her own creativity by watching numerous baking programme and YouTube videos.

Yasmin Passion and consistency for baking and decorating started to really wow her friends and family. Her designs were becoming more creative and unique. Over time, Yasmin’s artistry had developed into professionalism and she was creating innovative pieces of edible art.

Gee Gee (co-founder) worked for an Independent digital Marketing company in the city, working closely with the Managing Director, Marketing & Sales Manager. She gained great insight into what it entailed to run a successful business. Gee Gee, was also an absolute foodie very passionate about cakes and sweet treats. She had fallen in love with the brand Yasmin had already created. Gee Gee saw an opportunity to covert Yaya cakes from a home baker into a reputable brand by combining their strengths.

Gee Gee approach Yasmin with a business Proposal back in 2016. Yasmin decided to accepted the proposal and a partnership was born.

Yasmin and Gee Gee quite quickly realise they would have to learn each others expertise in order to run a successful business.

Over the years they have managed to grow a reputable brand within the UK. Yaya cakes have been a key part of thousands of special days from Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings, Graduations, Anniversary to new jobs, Business launches and so much more. 

Yaya cakes have been fortunate to work with mainstream brands such as Vogue magazine, Nike, Adidas, Farfech, Youtube and more celebrities and influencers then we even dare mention. 

The journey continues……

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